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Lord Fenugreek by Sharon Knight

Fourth Degree


I have always believed in science. Thus far, science has proven what Wiccan practitioners have been screaming for years. I am sure that scientists will discover even more.

People always ask me if what they have read about the Craft is true. What they ask me about is the use of blood, skin, hair, and fingernails in spell casting. It is true, and these practices are still adhered to by traditionalists today.

These items are used to identify who cast the spell and who it was cast upon or for. As science has discovered, there is one common element that binds all of these items together--DNA signature.

A person can be identified by his/her DNA. How did the Old Ones make the connection? They did not; they just knew that it worked, and it still does.

My questions are where the law is concerned. Suppose a Witch killed someone with a death spell that was marked with her menstrual blood, and included hair from the victim. These items can link her to the crime. Can the court prove that she did it?

Yes, they can use her own guilt against her and make her confess to the crime and polygraph her. Can the court prove that she used telepathy to murder someone? Can they force her to use her mind against her will?

Give the legal system a good enough reason, and they will find a way to do it. Science has helped us a lot so far, but someday it could also hurt us.


Astrology: A means of divination based upon the location of the zodiac and planets at the time and location of a person's birth.

Ceromancy: Pour candle wax into a bowl of cold water.

Cromniomancy: Process of elimination with letters or rose petals.

Geomancy: Tap dots onto a piece of paper one hundred times with a pen or pencil.

Hydatoscopy: Examination of rain water or saliva.

Oneiromancy: Dream analysis and interpretation.

Ouija: Spirit communication through a board with letter, number, or runes written on it, and the words--yes, no, and goodbye.

Ovamancy: Drop an egg into a glass of water.

Palmistry: Interpretation of the lines of the hand.

Scrying: Look into a water-filled cauldron with black ink, crystal ball, flames, mirror, or baby's caul.

Sortition: Rune or bone casting.

Stichomancy: Book divination.

Stolisomancy: Interpretation of clothing style.

Tarot: Interpretation of cards laid in a pattern.

Tasseography: Interpretation of the pattern of tea leaves.

Source: (The Wicca Spellbook, 115, 122-9, 134-5)


Base: Spinal column and kidneys; Garnet.

Crown: Upper brain and right eye; Amethyst.

Heart: Heart, blood, vagus nerve, circulatory system; Malachite.

Sacral: Reproductive system; Orange Carnelian.

Solar Plexus: Stomach, liver, gall bladder, nervous system; Citrine.

Third Eye: Lower brain, left eye, ears, nose; Lapis Lazuli.

Throat: Bronchial and vocal apparatus, lungs; Blue Turquoise.

Source: (Light Emerging, passim)


Astral Body: Metabolizes energy of love.

Celestial Body: Celestial aspect of platonic love.

Emotional Body: Emotional aspect of human beings.

Etheric Body: Physical functions and sensations.

Etheric Template: Speaking, listening, and taking responsibility for our actions.

Ketheric Body: Higher mind and integration of the physical and spiritual bodies.

Mental Body: Mental life and linear thought.

Source: (Light Emerging, passim)


Astral Projection: The act of externalizing what is primarily subjective by designating a super sensible substance alleged to be above the tangible world.

Auric Healing: The restoration of the human energy field to a sound or healthy condition.

Clairaudience: Preternaturally clear or acute perception of sound, not ordinarily discernable.

Clairsentience: Preternaturally clear or acute perception of emotion, not ordinarily discernable.

Clairvoyance: Preternaturally clear or acute perception of vision, not ordinarily discernable.

Demonic Possession: Act or state of being dominated by an extraneous or supernatural personality with harmful intent.

Extrasensory Perception: Beyond or outside the scope of ordinary sense perception, i.e.., sixth sense.

Haunting: To inhabit, visit, or appear to in the form of a ghost or spirit.

Lycanthropy: The ability to assume the mannerisms and/or form of another being.

Psychometry: Preternaturally clear or acute perception of vision obtained from touching an object.

Séance: A meeting of people to receive a spiritualistic message.

Spirit Channeling: The communication of a supernatural personality by means of speaking through a medium. The act of a medium allowing a supernatural personality without harmful intent.

Telekinesis: The apparent production of motion in object by a spiritualistic medium without contact or other physical means.

Telepathy: Apparent communication from one mind to another through the channels of sense.

Source: (American Heritage Dictionary, passim)

Fourth Degree Test

This test must be given orally or hand written. Each student must score at least 90% in order to qualify for his/her Fourth Degree. Each section is worth 25 points.


Define each method of divination and describe one method in its entirety.

Ceremancy, Cromniomancy, Geomancy, Hydatoscopy, Oneiromancy, Ouija, Ovamancy, Palmistry, Scrying, Sortition, Stichomancy, Stolisomancy, Tarot, Tasseography.


List the physical association, and the stone, which corresponds with each of the following:

Base, Crown, Heart, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Third-Eye, Throat.


List the spiritual associations of each of the following auric layers:

Astral Body, Celestial Body, Emotional Body, Etheric Body, Etheric Template, Ketheric Body, Mental Body.


Explain scientifically and/or psychologically what occurs during or as a result of each of the following phenomena:

Astral Projection, Auric Healing, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Demonic Possession, Extrasensory Perception, Haunting, Lycanthropy, Psychometry, Séance, Spirit Channeling, Spirit Possession, Telekinesis, Telepathy

Fourth Degree Initiation

Initiate should bring his/her Cauldron, Staff, and Thurible for consecration.

Nar.: We are met in this Circle to recognize the acquired knowledge of (mag.?). His/Her perseverance and dedication to the Wiccan path has made us proud. Thus, we acknowledge (mag.?) for his/her achievements.

P.O. consecrates Initiate's Working Tools.

P.O.: I ask the Goddess Brighid to suffuse these magical Tools with Her loving energy by the powers of Earth and Water.

I ask the God Cernnunos to suffuse these magical Tools with His strong energy by the powers of Fire and Air.

May these magical Tools be used correctly and for the good of all. So mote it be. (Mag.?), I present you with your fourth most personal and magical Tools. Use them wisely and guard them well. I also present you with the chakra stones and a Tarot deck. They are the Healers and Vision of the Craft.

Nar.: Let it be known to all in this Circle that (mag.?) has completed his/her Fourth Degree. He/She has been presented with a consecrated Cauldron, Staff, and Thurible, and carries the Healers and Vision of the Craft. May he/she be steadfast in his/her endeavors. So mote it be.”


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