1) Wiccan Rede (  The poetic version of the Rede was originally written by Vivianne Crowley. I do not know who condensed it to the popular version everyone knows and cites today.

2) The Witch's Creed ( Originally written by Doreen Valiente in Witchcraft for Tomorrow.

3) Druid’s Creed The Lodge and the Craft, 177-8. This poem was written by N.A. McAulay. I included it as a means to balance the Witch‘s Creed. I replaced “five” with “eight.” To the best of my knowledge, Masons do not recite this poem during their meetings or rituals.

4) History of the Craft (A Witches Bible Compleat: The Witches Way, 50-63) I included this excerpt for reference as a means of placing ourselves in the minds of Craft practitioners of this time period. Since no date was given, I assume the original author of the manuscripts which Gardner copied was of the 19th. Century, according to the writing style. The words inside brackets are my own.

My father, who was a member of the Ancient Order of Druids once told me that Druid Rangers were stationed around the perimeter of Witches during their Circles in order to protect them from persecution. In the year 1717, England seceded from the dominion of the Roman Church and established the Anglican Church.

Druids and Masons, who also surfaced during the same year were protected by the Anglican Church but Witches were not. England continued the ban placed on Witchcraft by the Roman Church until 1951. Even though Witches were not being murdered on a wide scale in the 19th and 20th Centuries, persecution was still very much alive. Thus, their need for protection and fear of discovery was justified.

Furthermore, since the establishment of the Ancient Order of Druids founded by John Toland who was also a Mason, and the Masonic Lodge, it was less likely that Witches would have been harassed if they were seen in the company of men belonging to any one or both of these organizations.

Considering this, it is logical that Witches would have been guarded by Druid or Masonic “Rangers,” who were probably protecting their wives and daughters.

5) Charge of the Goddess I ( Originally written by Doreen Valiente.

6) Drawing Down the Moon (A Witches Bible Compleat, 41) I used only part of the original version for simplicity.

7) Charge of the Goddess II Author’s condensed version of the original.

8) Witch’s Rune (Celebrate the Earth, 56) I included an excerpt of Bring Back the Light recorded by Gypsy, which Laurie Cabot included in her book.

9) Goddess Invocation I  (

10) Drawing Down the Sun (A Witches Bible Compleat, 69) I included a shortened version of the original for simplicity.

11) Charge of the God II  (

12) Druid’s Rune (The Lodge and the Craft, 244, 285-6) I included excerpts from two poems found in this book. The first part of the Druid’s Rune from ‘Golden lamps’ to ‘thine aid’ was taken from the last song of Copernicus cited in this book. The part from ‘The Sun’ to ‘the light’ was taken from the second poem. Masons do not perform this ritual during their meetings. I included the Druid's Rune to give a male balance to the Witch's Rune.

13) God Invocation II is the author’s variation of the Goddess Invocation I

14) Self-Dedication Ritual (Earth, Religion, and Power, 21-24) I included this ritual in its entirety from the first lesson of the Basic Wicca Course written by Lady Sabrina, founder of Our Lady of Enchantment Wiccan Seminary.


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