A Valentine's Day Self Love Ceremony

In addition to the more mundane and sometimes emotionally demanding tasks of getting ready for love, ritual helps to give us a head start. That's why marriage ceremonies are so important. If you want to make a powerful statement about your readiness for love, fall in love with yourself first and ceremoniously commit yourself to yourself.

Your willingness to take such a strong stand for love in your life will create miracles in all areas and will initiate you to a new way of being.

You will need ample time alone, something wonderful to wear, candle, flowers, paper or journal and pen, a mirror, music and "first dance song", celebratory food and libation (a glass of wine or grape juice is fine), anything else you would like to include:

  1. Light a candle and bring light into the room.
  2. Say a brief prayer: "Divine Spirit of All There Is, please fill this place with your sacred presence. Support me in my efforts to express my love for self. Help me see my own divinity. Amen."
  3. Sit down and meditate on the qualities you desire in a mate. Daydream about what you would say to that person were he or she standing before you on your wedding day.
  4. Write down three (or more) vows that are personally meaningful to you: "I will promise to love you through all time… I promise to love myself so that I can more fully receive your love …   I adore the way I feel when I am with your … etc."
  5. When you feel ready, look into the mirror and connect with your own eyes and read the vows to yourself. It may be uncomfortable at first but you can transcend that. Know that your self-love vows will send a powerful message to the universe that you are ready for love!
  6. Celebrate your union with self with a sip of wine.
  7. Play the music of that "first dance," the one you hope to share with your beloved someday.
  8. Dance … and feel the love.

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