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For those who do not understand the nature or language of Copyright Law, I offer the following:

Please note the Fair Use Rule of Copyright Law: "The purpose and character of your intended use of the material involved is the single most important factor in determining whether a use is a fair use. The question to ask here is whether you are merely copying someone else's work verbatim or instead using it to help create something new. The Supreme Court calls such a new work "transformative." The more transformative your work, the more likely your use is a fair use." The Copyright Website also gives a basic overview of the Fair Use Test: "The quantity, as well as the quality and importance, of the copied material must be considered. Some Justices have looked to see that "no more was taken than was necessary" to achieve the purpose for which the materials were copied.

The following is quoted from A Guide to the Use of Copyrighted Materials on Instructional Websites by Berkeley Law School:

"Motion pictures or other motion media - 10% or 3 minutes, whichever is less.

Music or sound recordings - for short works (e.g., an individual song), 10% or 30 seconds, whichever is less. For longer works (e.g., an opera), multiple clips may be used, but no individual clip may exceed 30 seconds, and the clips in total may not exceed 10% of the work.

Photos or images - An image may be used in its entirety, provided that no more than 5 images are used from one artist or photographer, and no more than 10% or 15 images (whichever is less) from a published anthology.

Text - A complete article, essay, or story of not more than 1500 words may be used, or for longer works, excerpts totaling not more than 1500 words. A complete poem of not more than 250 words may be used, or for longer poems, excerpts totaling not more than 250 words; but no more than 3 poems may be used from the same poet or no more than 5 poems from the same copyrighted anthology."

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