Dove's Light Coven is an online forum that teaches Wicca from an academic perspective.  The focus here is on accuracy.

I propose that certain aspects of Wicca are rooted in Christianity, which in turn, evolved from ancient Roman religion. Wiccan authors make no distinction between that which is truly pre-Christian and that which is not. Wicca also does not distinguish between pre-Roman Celtic practices and those that are post-Roman. Wicca purports to be the oldest living religion even though no archeological evidence exists to support the claim that its rituals are prehistoric. We can only make educated guesses as to what prehistoric religious tenets were.  Wicca also steals aspects of Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American religion, and various other ceremonial systems in order to validate its history and appeal to the masses.

My intent is to trace all the Wiccan religious vomit back to the stomach from which it first spewed. A lot of mistakes have been made by authors of Wicca, and this misinformation has been regurgitated by each concurrent author which is swallowed by practitioners without question. I am not anti-Wiccan. I merely want to set the record straight that early and modern Wiccan authors have laid claim to Paganism and bastardized it in order to legitimize Wicca as a religion. From researching documented history, I have discovered that authors of Wicca are regurgitating un-confirmed nonsense. They all say the same thing and would have the reader believe that these "facts" are the undisputable truth, but they all fail to disclose any solid evidence to support their defense. That is where I find them at fault. I'm searching for the evidence that will disclose their fraud, and support Paganism or Wicca as a legitimate religion without robbing other cultures of their identity.

This website is a work in progress which serves as an outlet for my research and creativity.  I am writing a book and am currently conducting research into the agricultural significance and history of the Sabbats.  You can read more about it on my Seasonal Cycles page.

I also plan to teach organic gardening, livestock management, and sustainable development that stresses the importance of energy and resource conservation. 

You may want visit the Dove's Light Community where you will find resources on how to build a wind turbine and make your own bio diesel.  There is information to help you rid your lawn and garden of pests organically.  I also have economic and political resources there as well. 

My Book of Shadows is online, but is not complete. That which is presented is a Wiccan expression of the traditions practiced my family and is in no way all-encompassing.

My Training Circle page contains online courses that anyone over 18 may apply for.  Courses range from beginner to professional level and take about six months to one year to complete.  I offer information in my courses that is not posted in my Book of Shadows, so you might want to check them out if you're interested in learning general Wicca.

Astrology has always been a topic of interest to both Christians and Pagans so I created a page with extensive information on the subject. The ultimate goal is to learn how to plot a natal chart and interpret it.  I have provided all the tools you need to get started.  I may eventually offer an email class to accompany that page with further instructions on calculations and plotting.  This page takes a very long time to load so please be patient.

My FAQ page includes the Principles of Wiccan Belief for those interested in learning about the tenets of the Wiccan faith without becoming involved in it.  My database answers questions posed by both Cowans and Wiccans alike.  I have also posted my personal beliefs which often conflict with those of mainstream Wicca.

My Contact page is self-explanatory. I hope that you enjoy my site and find useful information. On that note, I will leave you with the following statement:

Specific denominations or paths have a set of rules that are expected to be adhered to in order for someone to define oneself as a member of that faith.  I honor the right of a religious body to establish and enforce rules that it deems pertinent.  I also have rules of religious observance that other adherents of Wicca disagree with.  Disagreement is fine, but do not apply for email classes for the sake of ammunition to use against me in a Witch War, or text message me and proclaim that I am wrong, or demand to know by what authority I base my opinions upon.  We all have prejudices and discriminating preferences because we are human.  How we treat each other is what matters.

I do believe there is a right and wrong manner of religious observance, but I'm honest about it.  I will not pull a 'bait and switch' routine that results in someone getting hurt.  Do what thy will but harm none!  That is the number one rule of Wicca that should never be changed.

Blessed Be,
~Lady Dairhean

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