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II. Seasonal Cycles Section

A. January

1. Story Telling

2. Crafting


B. February

1. Lambing Season

2. Bird Mating Season

3. Valentine's Day

4. Groundhog Day

5. Astronomy

6. Brighid

7. Imbolc

8. Christianization

9. Mythology

10. Ancient Customs

11. Christian Customs

12. Sources

C. March

1. Eire’s Day

2. Kite Flying


D. April

1. Ostara

2. Morel Mrm Harv


E. May

1. Breeding Season

2. Beltane


F. June

1. Fish Harvest

2. Berry Harvest

3. Honey Harvest

4. First Pig Harvest

5. Litha/Feast

G. July

1. Independence Day

2. Grain Harvest


H. August

1. Grain Harv Feast

2. Lughnasadh


I. September

1. Fruit/Veg Harvest

2. Mabon

3. Memorial Day


J. October

1. Meat Harvest

2. Samhain

K. November

1. Nut Harvest

2. Foul/Wild Game

3. Squash/Corn Harv

4. Thanksgiving


L. December

1. Candy Season

2. Yule/Celebration

3. Santa Claus

M. Activities

1. January

2. February

3. March

4. April

5. May

6. June

7. July

8. August

9. September

10. October

11. November

12. December

N. Crafts

1. January

2. February

3. March

4. April

5. May

6. June

7. July

8. August

9. September

10. October

11. November

12. December

O. Rituals

1. Bard Contest

2. Imbolc

3. Eire’s Day

4. Ostara

5. Beltane

6. Litha

7. Grain Harv

8. Lughnasadh

9. Mabon

10. Samhain

11. Nut Harvest

12. Yule



IV. Book of Shadows

Cover Page

A. Organization and Beliefs

1. Copyright Notice

2. Author’s Note

3. Principle’s of Wiccan Belief

4. Witch’s Code of Chivalry

5. The Witches’ Creed

6. Druid’s Creed

7. History of the Craft

8. Paleoanthropology

B. Circle

1. Charge of the Goddess I

2. Charge of the God I

3. Circle Casting

4. Blessing

5. Opening Ritual

6. Cons of Mead/Cakes

7. Closing Ritual

8. Circle Releasing

9. Women’s Circle

a. Drawing Down the Moon

b. Charge of the Goddess II

c. Witch’s Rune

d. Goddess Invocation

10. Men’s Circle

a. Drawing Down the Sun

b. Charge of the God II

c. Druid’s Rune

d. God Invocation

C. First Degree

1. Circle Initiation

2. Self Dedication Ritual

3. Student/Teacher Contract

4. Bonding Ritual

5. First Degree Studies

6. Wiccan Rede

7. Deities

a. Eire

b. Lugh

c. Oghma

d. Macha

e. Morrighan

f. Brighid

g. Cernnunos

8. Elements

a. Earth

b. Fire

c. Air

d. Water

e. Spirit

9. Working Tools

10. First Degree Test

11. First Degree Initiation

D. Second Degree

1. Seasonal Cycles

2. Sabbats

a. Yule

b. Imbolc

c. Ostara

d. Beltane

e. Litha

f. Lughnasadh

g. Mabon

h. Samhain

i. Nut Harvest

3. Sacred Trees

4. Herbs

5. Stones

6. Second Degree Test

7. Second Degree Initiation

E. Third Degree

1. Spell Casting

2. Candles

3. Lesser Work Tools

4. Constr of Work Tools

5. Types of Spells

6. Third Degree Test

7. Third Degree Initiation


F. Fourth Degree

1. Science

a. Divination

b. Chakras

c. Auras

d. Parapsychology

2. Fourth Degree Test

3. Fourth Degree Initiation



G. Fifth Degree

1. Religion

a. Buddhism

b. Catholicism

c. Confucianism

d. Druidism

e. Hinduism

f. Islam

g. Judaism

h. Paganism

i. Shamanism

j. Shinto

k. Taoism

l. Wicca

2. Styles of Wicca

a. Alexandrian

b. Crowleyian

c. Dianic

d. Egyptian

e. Faery

f. Family Tradition

g. Gardnerian

h. Quabalistic

i. Satanism

j. Solitary

k. Voudoo

l. Witta

3. Fifth Degree Test

4. Fifth Degree Initiation

H. Sabbat Celebrations

1. Turning the Wheel

2. Sabbat Preparations

a. Yule

b. Solar New Year

c. Imbolc

d. Bird’s Mat Season

e. Ostara

f. Eire’s Day

g. Beltane

h. Litha

i. Lughnasadh

j. Mabon

k. Samhain

l. Nut/Fowl/Wild Game Harvest

3. Rituals

a. Yule Ritual

b. Imbolc Ritual

c. Ostara Ritual

d. Beltane Ritual

e. Litha Ritual

f. Lughnasadh Ritual

g. Mabon Ritual

h. Samhain Ritual



I. Recipes

1. Incense Recipes

a. Women’s Circle

b. Men’s Circle

c. Yule

d. Imbolc

e. Ostara

f. Beltane

g. Litha

h. Lughnasadh

i. Mabon

j. Samhain


2. Oil Recipes

a. Women’s Circle

b. Men’s Circle

c. Yule

d. Imbolc

e. Ostara

f. Beltane

g. Litha

h. Lughnasadh

i. Mabon

j. Samhain

3. Food & Beverage Recipes

a. Death Moon Feast

i. Quick Beans

ii. Beef Stew

iii. Chili

iv. Sweet Cornbread

v. Chicken Noodle Soup

vi. Winter Tonic


b. Feast of Imbolc

i. Welsh Rarebit

ii. Herbed Butter

iii. Strawberry Bavarian Cream

iv. Hazelnut Cream Hot Chocolate


c. Feast of Eire

i. Corned Beef & Cabbage

ii. Irish Potatoes (Callops)

iii. Irish Soda Bread (Bannock)

iv. Irish Coffee


d. Feast of Ostara

i. Lemon Grilled Chicken

ii. Ostara Flower Salad

iii. Stuffed Ostara Eggs

iv. Pickled Eggs

v. Fried Cadbury Eggs

vi. Spring Sherbet Punch

e. Feast of Beltane

i. Open-faced Swiss Mushroom Burger

ii. Stuffed Morel Mushrooms

iii. Marinated Pasta Salad

iv. Dump Cake

v. May Wine


f. Feast of Litha

i. Baked Fish

ii. Crab Salad

iii. Herbed Rolls

iv. Fruit Pizza

v. Midsummer Mead


g. Independence Day Feast

i. Barbecued Pork Ribs

ii. Steamed Vidalia Onions

iii. Seasoned Mash Potatoes

iv. Ice Cream

v. Pineapple Ale


h.  Feast of Lughnasadh

i. Lugh’s Grain Bread

ii. Tabbouleh

iii. Wild Rice Pilaf

iv. Granola Bars

v. Golden Ale

i. Feast of Mabon

i. Tomato Basil Pasta

ii. Fried Squash

iii. Tomato Basil Rolls

iv. Apple Dumplings

v. Harvest Moon Wine


j. Feast of Samhain

i. Morrighan’s Roast Beef

ii. Eggplant Parmigiana

iii. Pumpkin Bread

iv. Haystacks

v. Witch's Brew


k. Nut, Fowl, & Wild Game Feast


i. Roast Turkey

ii. Giblet* Gravy

iii. Pecan Pie

iv. Pumpkin Pie

v. Mulled Cider


l. Feast of Yule

i. Maple Honey Glazed Ham

ii. Green Bean Casserole

iii. Waldorf Salad

iv. Divinity

v. Wassail


J. Footnotes

1. Wiccan Rede

2. The Witch’s Creed

3. Druid’s Creed

4. History of the Craft

5. Charge of the Goddess I

6. Drawing Down the Moon

7. Charge of the Goddess II

8. Witch’s Rune

9. Goddess Invocation

10. Drawing Down the Sun

11. Charge of the God II

12. Druid’s Rune

13. God Invocation II

14. Self Dedication Ritual


K. Works Cited


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